EKG training can take place in the classroom or it is offered as an on-the-job training program through cardiac care centers, hospitals or other types of medical facilities.  Here we will discuss the EKG training options, what you can expect from a certificate program and how you can obtain certification in this field.  The EKG technician is also referred to as a cardiology technician and works by assisting professionals in cardiology units and private practices.  These healthcare professionals will perform non-invasive tests and other types of therapeutic procedures on patients that are suffering from cardiac illness or disease.

Certificate Training Programs

The EKG technician certificate programs are most commonly offered by community colleges or vocational schools. The core classes that are found within the certificate program will cover the basic testing and medical procedures in addition to classes for patient assessment, human anatomy, cardiac pharmacology and physiology.

Students that are enrolled in this type of program will spend time in both the classroom and in simulated clinical settings where they will perform mock testing procedures in order to become familiar with the equipment. Students will learn how to operate both EKG machines and Holter scanning equipment, in addition to learning how to read printout results of testing procedures and how to analyze the data  for the ordering physicians. Some of the certificate programs can also provide students with additional training in office administration, which will involve organizing patient files, performing light administrative duties and maintaining equipment.

Program Enrollment Requirements and Training Options

Some schools that offer EKG technician training programs will require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED while other schools will require the student to have a college-level understanding of chemistry and biology.  Applicants may also be required to have a physical exam or drug testing prior to being accepted into the program.

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EKG technicians are required to have an understanding of the diagnostic testing procedures and how they’re carried out in the healthcare field, in addition to other types of complex cardiac testing procedures and equipment. The courses that are offered in this program will include topics such as medical terminology, cardiac rhythms, physiology and anatomy, intro to healthcare professions, EKG theory, stress testing, patient documentation, health care and communication, and patient assessment.

This type of training program will vary in length and depend on the school; however, training programs that are offered through medical facilities can take 3 to 6 months to complete.

In order to become certified in this field, technicians will need to take and pass the certification exam which is offered by a number of accredited organizations all over the country. To qualify for the exam students will need to provide proof of either having completed a certificate program or they will need to show proof of working in the field for a period of six months. This type of certification is voluntary, although it is widely known in this field that employers will generally only hire those technicians that have either an extensive amount of field experience or individuals that have obtained certification and completed a formal training program.


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